The 5 Ancient Temples In India

Temples in India is one of riches source of hub and culture. It sure surprises you with many unseen places with hidden truths. The temples in India hold a combination of religion, culture, and tradition. Ancient peoples provided multiple marvels and temples that are having more than 1000 years of age.

 Once upon a time, these were adopted and used for cultural activities like dance, music, and modes honed. Today it reminds us of our history and is an example of the structural brilliance of artisans from ancient periods. Here are some of the most stunning ancient temples in India that support the country’s rich artistic culture. 

Here’s A List Of The Ancient Temples In India


1.Hampi – The Ancient Temples in India 

The Temples in India

Hampi is a place located in south Karnataka and, it is one of the historical place contains great sculptures and heritage.

Its Group of incredible, which includes over 4,100 hectares of land and, also UNESCO-recognized land. Whenever visiting the Hampi do not miss another old temple vitta, as it is stone of chariot and virupaksha temple.

2.Dilwara Temples, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

ancient temples in India

Dilwara Jain Temples is one of the most excellent Jain recognized the earth over for its amazing design and fabulous marble stone settings, some specialists also study its architecture is excellent than Taj Mahal. It shows a moderately basic temple from the outline but every rack has a silver filling, the temple hall showcases the amazing job of human crafts works at its most excellent.

3.Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh

sanchi stupa - Temples in India

This great stupa of Sanchi is founded by emperor Ashoka and designed with excellent Buddhist artworks in the world.

The Great stupa of Sanchi appears as the central point of the Buddhist faith in the region and, it has built-in the 3rd century BC.

Still Now the excellent design shows wonders and placed one of the ancient temples in India. The stupa is surrounded with remains of smaller stupas and other temples and constructed with religious beliefs grown in the years back.

4.Tungnath Temple, Uttarakhand


Tungnath is one of the largest shiva temples in the India and the world. The ancient Temples in India like Tungnath holds five pancha kedar sited in the Rudrapryag district.

The meaning of Tungnath is lord of mountains form the mandakini and alaknanda river valleys.

5.Mahabalipuram Temples, Tamil Nadu


Mahabalipuram is also called Mamallapuram or Seven Pagodas ,It is one of excellent place to visit and placed one of the among the temples in India . It is located in northeast Tamil Nadu state. It lies in coromandel Coast of bay of bengal.

The city was also called as “Seven Pagodas” by Europeans who arrived on the shore after they noticed the pillars of seven Hindu temples.




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