Best Mechanical Companies in Bangalore

Best Mechanical Companies in Bangalore

Best Mechanical Companies in Bangalore

Mechanical Companies in Bangalore have set a lot of high inclinations for coming students who have completed Mechanical Engineering and It is one of the top domains in engineering which over a generation, Mechanical Companies in Bangalore have provided various innovations in the field of mechanics and designs. Mechanical Engineering has to be Recognized as one of the oldest departments of engineering, mechanical engineering has integrated with the ideas of thermodynamics, fluids, mechanics, and structural examination. The scope of mechanical engineering is widespread even today. These ideas are applied in planning some of the best and most effective advanced motor vehicles, production units, aircraft as well as other modern tools. Apart from the tools and vehicles, mechanical designers significantly add to the growth of power equipment, generators, and complicated machinery systems. Not only the design and manufacturing but even the support and testing of such machines and things are also recognized as capacities of mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineering has a lot of opportunities in any location, particularly in Bangalore. We have gathered a list of the best mechanical engineering companies in Bangalore. Also, at last, you would like to upgrade yourself, what it is that you would take joy in performing the most. There’s no disputing that your engineering degree will help you get a foot in the door. However, it is your love for what you do that may help you to survive and flourish. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top mechanical engineering companies in Bangalore.

Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in Bangalore

#1Promac Engineering

PROMAC ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES LIMITED was founded in the early Seventies and is directly a well known large engineering company, producing Rotary Kiln & Vertical Shaft Kiln Technology Cement Plants, Bulk Material Handling Plants, Coal Handling Plants, Mineral Beneficiation Plants, Sinter Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Sugar Plants, etc., on a turn-key basis.

PROMAC is established in Bangalore, becoming its manufacturing workshops, offices, etc., within one shelter. It has a whole plant area of 80,000, implemented with a large machine shop, heavy fabrication abilities, backed by an Engineering Department, having a crew of dedicated & qualified engineers with completely digital designs & services to manage the engineering aspect of turnkey Project. PROMAC has a total workforce of about 489 people


The story of welmech’s success began in 1989, when energetic entrepreneurs with extensive team expertise and the capacity to turn new ideas into reality laid the groundwork for welmech engineering. Today, the firm has built a name for itself in its field in a very short period of time. Its aim is to design and build customer-specific heat treatment facilities and methods for the metals industry. It has full potential to supply industry with a specific subject of heat treating metals. The firm has already made a name for itself on both the domestic and international markets. Technically, the firm collaborates with South Korean and German companies.


Mechano Engineering Company (MEC), founded in 1983 as a fabrication and machine shop, specializes in the production of large, high precision components. MEC meets the heavy engineering manufacturing needs of the power (thermal and hydro), defense, construction, and process industries.

MEC is well-equipped to handle all types of components ranging from manufacturing new equipment, assembly of entire machinery, and renovations activities as required by the client, with two manufacturing plants located in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore (one of the well-developed Industrial Suburbs of Asia).

#4Vayu – Best Mechanical Companies in Bangalore

Vayu Engineering is a process-driven firm that specializes in basic engineering design, automation design, IOT enabled solutions, digital technology solutions, health care engineering, process design, engineering analysis, piping engineering, product development, manufacturing engineering services, detailed engineering, and engineering staffing solutions. Vayu Engineering, with its well-managed committed workforce and commitment to meeting worldwide delivery needs, will continue to create a strong ecosystem with high-end skills combined with quality, price, and agility benefits.

#5Nauvata – Best Mechanical Companies in Bangalore

Nauvata Engineering is a prominent Engineering and Project Management firm that provides world-class Engineering, Procurement, and Civil Engineering services to oil and gas industries all over the world.

Nauvata Engineering is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Bangalore, India, and Singapore. Nauvata Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with end-to-end expertise and experience in delivering the following services for both onshore and offshore facilities.

Engineering excellence is essential to the Nauvata way of life. It’s a component of our logo and a key value of ours. We believe that excellence begins with its people, and our employees come from diverse educational experiences and backgrounds.

Best Mechanical Companies in Bangalore
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