Top 10 Mobile Application Development Frameworks in 2021

With a significant increase in several smartphone users and the easy availability of the internet, you will not be successful unless your business is having a mobile presence. The base of any mobile app is the mobile app framework which is a key software framework that lets a mobile app developer build an app with the aid of its diverse subcomponents. To develop an industry-leading mobile app, you have to select the appropriate framework to suit your requirements. You will be successful if you associate with pioneers among top mobile app development companies in the market.

Top 10 Mobile Application Development Frameworks in 2021

2021 will to be an era of increase in usage of cross-platform frameworks like:
React Native: React native was launched by Facebook that continues to remain one of the popular ones for cross-platform mobile app development. This framework negates the development time and aids in developing robust, reliable, and top-notch apps swiftly. It is an open-source framework that aids in using the same code for diverse platforms like Android and iOS by employing JavaScript to allow a smooth transition from one project to another. React Native provides a basic set of native components that are specific to the native UI building block.

Flutter: Launched by Google, Flutter is a popular mobile app development framework written in dart language with open-source mobile app development SDK. Flutter is termed as one of the ideal cross-platform app development frameworks due to its swift rendering factor. Both the end-users and mobile app developers get friendly platform aspects like navigation, scrolling, fonts, icons, etc with a native rich experience. They have developed an integrated material design component that aids in developing a robust and responsive UI for diverse types of applications.

Ionic: Ionic is a leading open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile apps employing web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The framework offers device-specific components and native APIs employing Cordova and Ionic Native that is created using Typescript language. This framework provides a revolutionary template that aids in using around 100 built-in UI components such as filters, forms, tab bars, list view, etc with smooth navigations in the design. It will be a boon to developers to spend ample time innovating with the core app development rather than focussing on UI components.

Xamarin: It is one of the top hybrid frameworks supported by C# programming language that constitutes an open-source platform. Being launched by Microsoft, it is aided by a huge group of developers with a reputation for good customer support and helpful documentation. A fruitful user interface is highly evident with an ability to employ a smart and creative user interface. This framework is specifically for app developers who are willing to share the test business logic through multiple platforms and develop cross-platform apps in visual studio employing C#.

PhoneGap: PhoneGap is a leading cross-platform framework and an open-source framework that decreases the burden of developing separate codes for individual platforms. This framework has reduced the difference between native apps and hybrid apps for various mobile devices. This is the main reason for the popularity of the framework. Mobile app developers will be benefited from the help to create hybrid mobile apps across multiple mobile devices employing key languages like CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript. The majority of the framework depends on CSS3, HTML 5 that employs the ability to use all the associated hardware features on the device.

Corona: It is a leading cross-platform app development framework that helps develop exciting mobile apps and games for multiple devices like smartphones, desktops, tablets, and even Smart TVs. The framework is robust and importantly free of cost to be used for various niches. Its flexibility and user-friendly nature allow the development of mobile apps across multiple devices and platforms with ease of development for mobile app developers. The rich built-in components are the main reason for its usage in developing different types of 2D games with quick and smooth OpenGL letting the apps offer the best performance.

Native Script: This open-source framework is widely used for developing realistic native apps with Vue.js, Typescript, JavaScript, Angular.js. This framework is used by many leading mobile app development firms and freelance app developers for building user-friendly mobile apps across multiple platforms quickly and value for money benefit. The flexibility of this framework is the main reason for its usage by leading app developers as they can innovate in their process without focussing more on design.

jQuery Mobile:  It is an HTML5 based open-source framework that is useful in developing mobile applications and websites. The user-friendly nature in developing exciting interfaces gets all the support across diverse types of operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle, and many more. It is a touch-based mobile app framework that can be used with the two available variants. One is the customized framework and another one is the advanced stable version. Due to its user-friendly aspect, it is popular in allowing developers to code minimally but develop more at a quick pace.

Intel XDK: This is one of the leading cross-platform mobile app development frameworks that can be useful in building useful apps thanks to the availability of useful plugins. It aids in developing collaborative and highly reactive apps for multiple devices. It aids in making all the development processes a lot easier while supporting cutting-edge technologies like IoT and many more.

Mobile Angular UI: This open-source framework is a combination of Angular and Bootstrap framework that eases the process of complete development employing HTML5 to build the apps. It also utilizes overthrow.js and fastclick.js to provide a unified user experience.
Bottom line:
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Top 10 Mobile Application Development Frameworks in 2021
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Top 10 Mobile Application Development Frameworks in 2021
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